Tanning Lamps

We have an assortment of quality lamps to suit every client's needs. Our lamps conform to FDA guidelines and provide the absolute best range of UVA/UVB light with plenty of choices for individual tanning desires. We have lamps to fit every sunbed! Our knowledgeable representatives are experienced in tanning and will be happy to determine exactly which lamp will fill your particular needs.

We specialize in Wolff Brand lamps, but carry a wide variety of brands to meet all of your lamp Lampsneeds. Please call to order, or order selected lamps through our shopping cart on Yahoo's 24 hour secure on-line server. For personal, friendly service, call
1-800-STAY-TAN (782-9826) from 9AM - 6PM, Monday thru Friday E.S.T.


• S F71 Bi Pin

• S F73 SAI-100W

• SR 160 W

Bronzing Sun

• 180W VSR FR79

• Elite F59 140WR

• Elite F71 160WR

• Elite F73 160WR

• F-59 80WR

• F59 VS-R 140W

• F71 100WR

• F-71 160W VHO

• F71 VS-R 160W

• F73 100WR

• F73 160WR

• Gold F-71 200W

• Gold F-79 200W

• HPK90 100W

• HPK90 160W VSR

• HPK90 Plus 160W VSR

• HPK90 Plus VSR 200WR

• HPK90 R 100WR

• HPK90 VSR 180WR

• Mag F-71 100WR

• Plus F-71 100W

• Plus F-71 100WR

• Plus F71 160W VSR

• Plus F73 100W

• Plus F73 160W VSR

Dark Tan II

• Elite F71

• Elite F73

• F71 100W

• F73 100W

• Plus F71 100W

• Plus F71 100WR

• Plus F73

Diamond Sun

• S F59 Bi Pin

• S F71 Bi Pin

• S F72 HO RDC

• S F73 HO RDC


• Dominion F71

• Dominion F73


• F71

• F73



• F59

• F71

• F73


• VHO F72

• VHO F73

• XLR F72

• XLR F73


• Extreme F-71 100W

• F59 Bipin

• F71 Bipin

• F71 Bipin VS-R

• F73 RDC

• HiWatt 120W

• Plus F71

• Plus F73


• E-400HPT

• 500W-PLUG

• 500/100W-Plug In

• 1000W-Lead

• 500W-Lead

• OHM 400W-Clip

• 600W-Lead

• MAT 1000W-Lead

• ORB 1000W-Lead

• 300/500-Plug In

• OHC 400W-Clip

• 500W-Clip

• 230V 2000W-Lead

• 380V 2000W-Lead


• VHR 18 40W

• LS 25W Shoulder

Solarium LR 40W

Shoulder Lamp


• 250W Shoulder Lamp

• Shoulder Lamp Socket


• OHN 800W SF Clip

• OHC 25LR

• OHC 25L

Turbo Sun S Face Lamp

800w Del Sol Face Lamp

500W Heraeus Face Lamp

for Sunscape

26W, Quad Shoulder Lamp

for Sunscape