With the proper details you may not have to remove and measure your acrylics. Just have your bed's manufacture, style, year and number of lamps.

We make replacing your bed's acrylic shield easy!

When do you replace your acrylic shields?

  • If the bed has been re-lamped and is not delivering better results, itís time!
  • If your low pressure bed has over 2,500 hours on it, itís time!
  • If your high-pressure bed has between 1,500 and 2,200 hours, itís time!

Note: customer weight & some tanning lotions will also effect the life of an acrylic shield.

Why replace your acrylic shields?

Worn acrylic shields are proven to block UVB light. UVB rays stimulate melanin production and with worn acrylics, tanning results will be limited.

How do you replace your acrylic shields4 types of acrylics

Before you measure, call us with your manufacturer, style, year and number of lamps. Look to the right for a diagram of the 4 types of acrylic shields.

You many not have to measure at all! In the event that we need more details, youíll utilize the measuring guidelines below.

And remember, proper cleaning and polishing will extend the life of acrylic shields!

How to Measure Acrylic Shields

Tools: Pen, Paper & flexible tape measure

  1. Remove the acrylic from the tanning bed and stand it on end.
  2. What style is your acrylic? (See samples above)
    Choose a shape that most represents the shape of your acrylic.
  3. With the back side to you. Measure the exact width and length of the backside of the acrylic to the 16th of an inch (example: 38 3/16). Be exact! Do not round off measurements.
  4. Note any facial areas, holes, slots, bends or curves.
    If the acrylic has facials, what color is the facial area?
  5. Remember, call before measuring! You may be able to skip this activity.