Residential Heading


Sunforce 652
SolarForce 652


  • Unit dimensions
    Doors closed: 59"w x 55"d x 96"h
    Doors open: 59"w x 60"d x

  • Size with optional dressing room
    Doors open or closed: 71"w x 85"d x 96"h



  • 48 month Gold Medal® warranty


The same SolarForce® on the outside, but all new power and design on the inside! Now the 652V features 180 watt 2 meter lamps to boost the power, results and overall tanning experience. The 9 minute head-to-toe tan is perfect for your busy clients.


  • 52 x 180 watt 2 meter Wolff® system reflector lamps



  • 9 minute session time


  • Advanced body cooling system

  • Advanced after tan cooling system

  • Designed to accept exhaust system ductwork

  • For maximum efficiency we recommend a maximum room temperature of 75° F

Protective eyewear is required for indoor tanning and must be worn at all times by everyone in the room with a tanning bed in operation.


  • 2 meter lamps for complete head-to-toe tanning

  • Convenient stand-up configuration

  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe

  • Hand painted fiberglass and steel covers

  • Full body tanning coverage

  • Hinged protective grids for easy access to lamps

  • Optional acrylic kit available

  • Entry lighting

  • 2 stereo speakers

  • Hour meter located on back of unit

  • High-tech digital timer

  • Wireless T-Max® compatible

  • Optional newly designed dressing room with photo wrap


  • Single Phase, 220 VOLT 3 wire dedicated circuit

  • Single Phase-80 AMP circuit breaker

Does NOT come with a plug - must be hard wired directly to junction box.

IMPORTANT: Voltage must be less than 230 VAC or may require Buck Booster. Circuit breaker size is approximate. Consult an electrician.